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Whether you need to replace a damaged component or simply want spare parts on hand, we’ve got you covered. Please reach out to customer service at if you need assistance. We are here to help ensure you receive the correct part for your

- HUB: ROOF/WALL HUB: Hockey puck shaped part that holds spars in place. Push or pull this part to open or strike the SHIFTPOD roof or walls. Contains 4 sockets for 4 ferrules.
- HUB CAP/COVER: Hockey puck shaped cap, screws on to secure all hub pieces together from the inside of the SHIFTPOD.
- SPARS: Carbon fiber rods/poles.
- FERRULES: Plastic caps at the end of the spar that fit into the hub. The ferrule has a "ball" shape at the end. *Ferrules are included with all replacement spar orders. 
- SPAR CAP: Plastic cap at the end of the spar that fits into corner fabric pockets. *Spar Caps are included with all replacement spar orders. 
- T-PULLS: Available in two sizes. Large pulls are used on the outside of the hub for pulling walls out to open the SHIFTPOD. Small pulls are for door and carrying bag zippers.

* and parts are compatible.

Please note that customers are responsible for the shipping costs both ways if an incorrect size or part is ordered. To avoid this, double-check the part specifications before placing your order or contact our customer service team for guidance. 

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Setting up your SHIFTPOD Tie Downs is a breeze. Simply attach the carabiners to your shelter and ground stakes, adjust the lines to your desired length, and lock them in place with the self-locking cleats. Watch below for more tips on how to tie down and stake your SHIFTPOD properly.