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Gear Loft

Gear Loft

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Stay organized and maximize your space with the SHIFTPOD Gear Loft, available in two sizes tailored for the SHIFTPODIII and Designed for effortless integration, the gear loft simply snaps onto your roof spars, transforming your camping setup into a well-organized haven. 


Whether storing yours keys, wallet, flashlight, phone, or your late-night snacks, these gear loft nets are the ideal accessories for keeping your essentials organized and within easy reach during your adventures.

***Note that ALL NEW SHIFTPODIII models come with Gear Lofts. These lofts are available as a replacement or extra bag.***

- The SHIFTPODIII Gear Loft is compatible with the OG SHIFTPOD & SHIFTPOD2.The - Gear Loft is compatible with the OG 

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