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Tie Down Kit

Tie Down Kit

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The SHIFTPOD Tie Down Kit is the ultimate solution for anchoring your SHIFTPOD tent or Blast Shield, ensuring stability in various outdoor conditions. This kit is designed for ease of use and reliability, featuring high-quality materials that can withstand the elements.


  • Adjustable Self-locking Cleats: Each tie line includes an adjustable cleat that automatically locks into place, providing a secure hold that keeps your shelter firmly grounded. Adjust the length easily for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum stability.
  • Durable Carabiners: The kit includes six carabiners for quick and secure connections. These heavy-duty, nickel-plated carabiners are designed to offer both strength and ease of use.

Includes: 6 Tie Lines, 6 Carabiners

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Setting up your SHIFTPOD Tie Downs is a breeze. Simply attach the carabiners to your shelter and ground stakes, adjust the lines to your desired length, and lock them in place with the self-locking cleats. Watch below for more tips on how to tie down and stake your SHIFTPOD properly.