A step-by-step guide on how to pack up your SHIFTPOD. 

It just makes sense. Why do none of the tent companies give packing instructions? Here at SHIFTPOD we haven’t just created the most advanced portable shelter, but we are fixing what has always bothered us with other gear companies!

Watch the video below for striking information. Shown in the video is a SHIFTPODIII, these instructions are applicable to all our units!

Continue scrolling for written instructions for the visually and hearing impaired. 


Step 1:
Remove blast shield and any stakes that are in the ground. We recommend leaving 1 stake in the ground in windy situations just to be careful. If using the blast shield, fold and place inside the included bag, set to the side.

Step 2:
Unzip the floor. We recommend leaving the floor in place while breaking down camp, and storing it unattached. This will give you a cleaner surface to pack your SHIFTPOD away on than the ground you are camping on.

Step 3:
From the outside, walk around the SHIFTPOD pushing in the center of each wall. Then step under the skirt of the SHIFTPOD to push down on a roof support bar to push in the roof.

Step 4:
Fold your SHIFTPOD in half, and then again in half. Then begin rolling from one end to have a tight bundle. Use the 2 included straps to cinch in your SHIFTPOD securely to ensure it fits more easily into its carrying bag. 

Step 5:
Place your SHIFTPOD in its carrying bag spar side first. SHIFTPOD carrying bags have one end that is wider than the other. The narrow end is where the spar side should be placed into first. After you have placed the narrow end fully into the bag, encase the wider end into the other end of the bag. Use the three straps that are sewn into the bag to secure your SHIFTPOD. 

Step 6:
Fold the the floor and place it, the stakes, blast shield, and MOOP bag into the the carrying bag. Zip up the carrying bag, and you are done!

Step 7:
Unpack your SHIFTPOD when you get home to air it out. Failing to do so can cause mold on your unit! This is also a perfect time to inspect your SHIFTPOD for any damage that may have occurred, and evaluate if your unit needs to be cleaned. For instructions on cleaning and maintenance, please CLICK HERE! 

Helpful Tips:

  • Unpack, and pack your SHIFTPOD at home as soon as it arrives so you are familiar with packing, and can review our instructions!
  • When you are done with your trip, we recommend setting up your unit at home to air it out and dry it. Your SHIFTPOD may feel dry to the touch, but because of its many layers, the insulation may retain water you cannot feel. Trapped moisture can cause mold. Moisture can come from rain, dew in the morning, or even condensation from your breath while sleeping. In order to keep your SHIFTPOD pristine, we recommend always airing out after a trip.
  • Desiccant/ silica packets- are small packets that are commonly used to absorb moisture in clothing items. They can be purchased at many retailers, and can help absorb moisture. Many people use them when storing their unit in between trips. They should not be used in place of airing out your SHIFTPOD, but they can help mitigate moisture. 
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